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"I tried 2 oils with diffuser and I like aroma very much High Tide & Eden!!! Very elegant and mild! And also use Forty Winks oil - wow!!! Feel really good after apply) And Orange & Bergamot candle created such a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in my house! Thank you so much!!!”
- Maria
"Antioxidant Grapeseed Oil is a wonderful product in few applications only it has worked wonders for me. My skin came back into its life and my skin feels hydrated and plumpy, highly recommended for any kind of fungal infections and also reduces dark spots anywhere on your body."
"This frankincense candle has the most amazing smell that fills the whole house. Has reminded me of my grandmothers garden which had the same smell that gives me so much of positive energy i will definitely be purchasing more."
- Sehba
“A lovely aroma that boosts my energy levels instantly and cheer me up with its mesmerizing smell, it is a therapy for mind and soul. Orange and Bergamot is a Lovely product by OOA soon 1 will purchase another candle from them."
Garima Tiwari
"Rose and sandalwood with its sweet and sensual aroma blows my mind every single time i light the candle. I love this candle a bit more because it is natural, made out of soy wax and the packaging is so classy and minimal."
- Syukee
“"I have been searching for an aromatherapy scented candle that gives a natural lemon grass flavour with a delicate aroma. I found exactly what I wanted, the lemon grass scented candle from Oils of Amun made with 100% soy wax helps relieve stress, anxiety and at same time keeps the mosquitoes and insects away with its powerful scent. Thank you for bringing this great product for such a reasonable price overwhelmed and much happier with the goodies."
"Bela is an Aromatherapy Scented Candle with a floral and exotic smell that relieves/ unwinds from stress and anxiety. It is made with 100% pure essential oils and that is what makes it more intense. The smell of the candle is not overpowering but instead gives a soothing and therapeutic sense. Be it at the workplace or at home, this scented candle from Oils of Amun can make you feel calm."
- Glory angelena
"The Rosemary aromatherapy scented candles burn clean and leaves a stunning fragrance. They have indefinitely helped to keep myself calm, relaxed and productive. These candles also help set the right mood and have a pleasant evening. The scent is rejuvenating and soothing. I strongly recommend this product for people looking to refresh after a long tiring day thanks to Oils of Amun for coming up with such wonderful products.”
- Nitishma Allu