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Guide to Growing a Beard Faster with Beard Growth Oil

beard growth oil

For men, beards are more than just facial hair; they symbolise masculinity and confidence. The struggle to get the perfect beard is real when you have uneven beard growth, which comes in patches. That’s when
beard growth oil comes into the picture. This article is a comprehensive guide on growing a beard faster with beard growth oil. 

Beard growth oil is an essential product and a potential solution to enhance your beard growth journey. In the following paragraphs, you will learn the importance of beard growth oil in speeding up beard growth and how to choose the right beard growth oil.

Does Beard Growth Oil Speed Up Growth?

You are highly mistaken if looking for a magic potion to enhance your beard growth. Beard growth oil provides an optimal environment for faster and healthier beard growth. 


Hydration is crucial in beard growth, as beards thrive on moisture. Beard growth oil creates moisture and provides the ideal environment for growth. It is one of the major ingredients used to combat dryness and flakiness, which are major hindrances to beard growth. 

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Soothe the Itching

When your beard growth is in its early stages, you may experience irritation and itchiness. Beard growth oil can soothe and condition the skin beneath your beard, reduce irritation, and allow you to resist the urge to scratch, which can damage developing follicles. This is one of the major works of beard growth oil. 

Reduction in Breakage

When your beard is dry, it tends to break more easily. Beard growth strengthens the hair shaft, making it less prone to snapping and breakage so your beard can reach its final growth potential. 

Nourishing the Roots

Beard oil contains ingredients that nourish the roots and provide the required nutrients and vitamins. Oils like argan and jojoba are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which have the potential to nourish the hair follicles and promote a healthier beard-growing environment. 

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How to Choose The Right Beard Oil? 

There is a huge variety of beard growth oils on the market, but how can you choose the right one for your beard? The first thing that must be considered in beard oil is its ingredients. The right beard oil will contain ingredients like sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, geranium essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, and argan seed oil. The second thing you must see is your beard type; if you have a dry beard, you can prioritize oil which has high moisturizing properties, such as argan oil; if you have a coarse beard, then you must consider jojoba oil which will absorb quickly won’t leave a greasy residue. 

How to Apply Beard Growth Oil?

Clean your beard with a gentle cleanser or shampoo to remove excess oil and dirt. Pat it dry with a towel. Dispense a few drops of beard growth oil onto your palm. Warm the oil by rubbing your palms. Gently massage the oil into the skin beneath your beard, ensuring it reaches the roots of your facial hair. Distribute the oil in an even way up through the beard hairs. Use a beard comb or brush to distribute the oil further and stimulate blood flow to the follicles.  


Beard growth oil can be a valuable addition to your beard care routine, promoting a healthier and faster-growing beard. However, remember that beard oil is not a miracle cure. If you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and consistent beard care routine, then there is a significant chance of cultivating an impressive beard. Get yourself a fully-grown beard with the right beard growth oil.

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