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3 Natural Ways to improve your Child's sleep

What are essential oils ? A brief knowledge.

3 Natural Ways to improve you Child's sleep 

The difficulty to get children to sleep at night is fairly frequent among households. If your child has problems falling asleep each night, you may discover that they are irritable and fatigued the next day, which may leave the whole family feeling worn out. 

Lavender oil for better sleep

It is well known that lavender oil has a relaxing effect, and studies have shown that using lavender oil can help us relax and unwind. If you're having difficulties getting your child to settle down for the night, you might want to consider giving them some lavender oil to help them get ready for sleep. You may easily incorporate lavender oil into your child's sleep routine in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Lavender oil massage. Before putting your child to bed, combine a couple of drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil), and then massage the mixture into the soles of their feet. Be sure to perform a patch test before anything else. 
  •  Lavender oil bath. Before you go to bed, combine the relaxing effects of a warm bath with the calming effects of lavender essential oil. To assist your child in unwinding before bed, all you need to do is put a few drops of lavender essential oil in their warm bath. 

Essential oil for diffuser 

 You might want to think about putting a diffuser for essential oils in your child's bedroom so that you can create a calming atmosphere for them to fall asleep in. Before you go to bed, turn on the diffuser and let it run for an hour or two so that the essential oils can be spread into the air. You can use lavender oil by itself, or you can combine it with other relaxing essential oils such as bergamot or geranium. 

 Lavender room spray. You may also make a simple homemade room spray in place of an essential oil diffuser if you don't have access to one. Simply add 10–15 drops of lavender essential oil to a tiny spray container that has been filled with distilled water. You could give this unique concoction the name "bedtime spray" and use it to spritz your child's pillow before he or she goes to sleep.

Himalayan salt lamps for better sleep

  •  Children who are afraid of the dark or who experience anxiety right before bedtime may find that using a Himalayan salt light is quite helpful. Your child will feel more at ease and protected while using these lovely lamps as their nightlight since they give off a warm, comforting amber glow and have a soft, pleasant glow. 
  • Himalayan salt lamps are supposed, in addition to producing a soft light, to naturally cleanse the air around them, which may also contribute to improved quality of sleep. 
  • Getting less time in front of screens can help one sleep better. 
  • Finally, in order to help your child wind down without being overstimulated, you might think about limiting the amount of screen time they have right before bed. It may be helpful to get into the habit of doing something relaxing before bedtime each night and turning off the television at a predetermined hour. This will let your child's mind and body know that it is getting close to bedtime, which will allow them to start winding down and getting ready for sleep. Try substituting an alternative activity, such as reading a book or singing nursery rhymes together before bedtime with watching television. You might also try practicing some yoga poses together or leading your child in a straightforward meditation. 
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